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Pearl Luster

Pearl Luster
Pearl Luster
Beautiful shine of diamond is only obtained by cutting or polishing, whereas pearls are grown naturally in oysters and the beautiful luster are gifted as they are.
The luster is the most important factor to determine the value of pearl.The higher luster, the more value.Luster is related with the “thickness of the pearl layer”. It comes from the nacre thickness and the crystal component forming the nacre.
Pearl nacre is the coating that a pearl oyster produces to
cover pearl nucleus. Pearl nacre is composed of thousands of layers of thin calcium carbonate.
This calcium carbonate is layered like bricks and the space between calcium carbonate are
filled with protein. This protein contains a pigment that creates the color of the pearl itself, which is said to be the true color of the pearl.The more detailed and densely stacked, the more transparent and more brilliant the pearl will appear. When the multiple layers of pearl nacre will reflect light or light pass through, pink and green colors emerge from the inside.
Even if the nacre is thick but uneven, the pearls and interference colors will be weakened, and the pearl will have a blurry impression and the value becomes lower.
When the nacre becomes thick and a pearl has rich and deep brightness, they are highly valued.
Nacre thickness and pearl luster are important factors when measuring a pearlʼs quality.
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