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④Bangles and bracelets

④Bangles and bracelets

Pearl bracelets are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Throughout history, bracelets have played interesting symbolic roles in virtually every culture. Today, bracelets are a universally popular form of jewelry, worn by both men and women on either wrist depending on preference.

Selecting the Ideal Bracelet for Your Wrist

 1) Shorter & Thicker Wrists – Simpler and Stylish Bracelets such as a gold bangle with a pearl.

2) Longer & Tinner Wrists – Smaller, More Delicate or Simpler Bracelets such as baby pearls lined up on a thin gold chain or layered style

3) Longer & Boyish Wrists – Large, Bold Bracelets such as baroque pearl Bracelet or layered style


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