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- ORDERMADE -オーダーメイド

ordermade Love with a single Akoya pearl over time

Every year you choose a single pearl
And over time… 20 years…30 years later
A priceless necklace is created.
A lasting legacy that can be passed down for generations and stand the test of time
Build a memory… Grow together
Wish their happiness and good health
Connecting pearls one by one every year with your loved ones.

As a jeweller, itʼs wonderful and warming to see the essence of love through pearls. We are happy to provide any customisation including choosing pearls, design and craft. It will become a “Unique pearl jewellery in the world” created through your time and love. We will do our best to help your dream become a reality.

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In ancient history, Romans loved pearls and called them “A Drop-Shizuku of Moon” So a new journey begins with our brand-Shizuku. As a rain drop falls and becomes the river and eventually the ocean, we wish to deliver a drop of pearls born in Ise Shima to the world.

ORIGINAL BRAND - YUI -オリジナルブランド 結


Love is the connection. We wish to connect you and pearls, Ise Shima and the world.
The life with pearls.
Our another journey “Yui” means “connection” in Japanese.

- ORIGINAL -あったらいいな


Explore the various designs that enhance your beauty and define your personality. Based on customerʼs voices, we design and make one by one. We wish to share many variety of “Falcoʼs Original Pearl Jewellery”

Copyright(C)2009 - Pearl Falco.

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