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Ise Shima, the birthplace of cultured pearls

In 1946 after World War II, Ise Shima was designated as National park with the hope of maintaining its pristine and natural landscape. Normally lands in National Park are owned by government but itʼs very rare that the 99% of Ise Shima National Park are private lands we live in.
The jagged coastline with a number of bays and deep inlets, including Ago and Gokasho Bays are sprinkled with islets that adds charm to the area and made it favourable for cultivating pearls. The grand shrine of Ise Jingu ( National heritage site ), pearl rafts, and female divers “ama” for abalone and turban shells enhance the spectacular sceneries and character. This exquisite balance between the natural landscape and the rich cultural history makes Ise Shima National Park uniquely appealing.
In 1888 Akoya oysters which yield pearls were started breeding in Ago Bay and cultured blisters, half-pearls attached to the shells was produced in 1893 and a method to produce round pearl was developed by 1906. This technique spread to the world and has contributed to the growth of pearl industry in every country.


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