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Pearl Necklace as a part of Japanese culture

Pearl Necklace as a part of Japanese culture

Pearls have long been loved by people around the world for their innocent and pure image, feminine charm and elegant sparkle. In Japan, they were also called white gems and were used as offerings to the gods.

In addition, during ancient times Japanese pearls were used more for general decoration than for personal adornment. There were no brooches, bracelets, rings, or pendants for Japanese traditional clothes called Kimono. Only the hair was ornamented with pearls. Pearls were also used as charm to protect people from danger. Fisherman have used pearls as Omamori (Japanese amulets).

Pearl does not only symbolize beauty and preciousness, but also it symbolizes health and longevity. It is one of the most fascinating gems because they are easy to handle and easy to coordinate with any outfit. Parents and grandparents usually give pearl necklace with the hope of good health, happiness of their children and grandchildren. A string of pearl necklace is fashionable and indispensable for milestones making it a jewelry of a lifetime and have always been with Japanese culture.

Pearl necklace is given when children become independent or leave hometown to study, work or marry.  It will served as their adult accessory that they can use at social gathering,academic conference etc. From student to employment, and adulthood. Thinking various difficulties when entering to a new society, parents give pearl necklace for good luck to their daughter so that they can use in certain formal occasion such as wedding of seniors, meeting with business partners, company anniversary and so on. In addition, pearl necklace is also given to the bride by their mother-in law to convey thoughts and acceptance.

Given Japan’s long-standing jewellery culture, acquiring pearl necklace has a profound meaning and cultural foundation for Japanese people who pass on their treasures from generation to generation. Therefore, Japanese parents giving pearl jewellery to their daughters signifies love, bonding and blessings. Apart from handing down beloved pearl jewellery pieces to the next generation, many of customers also purchase new pearl jewellery with fashionable designs for their daughters.





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