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Certificate for Pearls

At Pearl Falco, our staff hold study session every day so that we can properly introduce and explain our pearls to the customers.
This time we discuss about the difference between sales certificates, identification documents and official certificate.

☆ Sales certificate
It is a certificate that we issue to the customer.In which the type of pearl,size, shape, weight, color and length are listed.

☆ Identification document
It’s a gem identification card that determines whether the gemstone is natural stone or artificial stone,if artificial treatment is applied, and what kind of treatment is use.
This can be issued by any company and the criteria isn’t standardized in the world. But it describe gem analysis,such size,shape,weight and hardness etc. of the gemstone.
In identifying pearl, the luster is measured an attached by photo. X -Ray is used to measure the nacre thickness of pearl that determine its luster grade.

The certificate is a quality certificate issued only to diamonds not for pearls. It is used internationally as a jewel’s transcript or as a passport. Appraisal is base on 4C;

Clarity (inclusion),
Cut (polihing)

No two real pearls are exactly alike. A pearl’s translucent luster is formed by many layers of fine nacre.
This intrinsic brightness, translucence and subtle elegance are some of the qualities that make naturally formed pearls so unique.

There is no international criteria for pearls. Pearls are only one living gem stone created and evaluated by human’s eyes.  If you understand how to differentiate, you can see each difference of pearls.

A pearl produced , grown and protected by mother oysters and human’s love and attention.  As mother oysters spending time with joy and sadness like their own children.  Pearls will give us healing and energy. We call it pearl therapy and we appreciate the miracle gem- pearls. 


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