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Why did Ise Shima become the birth place of cultured pearls?

Why did Ise Shima become the birth place of cultured pearls?

Pearl farming in Ise Shima


Why Ise Shima is suitable for Pearl Farming ?

The Shima Peninsula is famous for magnificent landscapes formed by a beautiful ria coastline with numerous inlet.It  is one of the famous ria coastline in Japan.It is surrounded by small mountains along the bay which helps to avoid from strong wind and provide the calm tide of the sea.

Mountains, rivers, and seas are connected by water and earth.The rich nutrients cultivated in the forest flow into the sea to become a rich sea that nurtures sea creatures.The rich sea of Ise shima  provides habitats for akoya oyster ,wide variety of fish and shellfish, which is harvested by  ‘’Ama’’ a female divers who have lived in this area with nature since ancient time. They also helped to discover ‘Natural’ akoya osyters and ‘Natural’ pearl in olden days.

Blessed with such nature ,Ise Shima succeeded in culturing pearls,first time in the world.This technique spread, and has contributed to the growth of pearl industry worldwide.

Pearls are born in nature and mystery. It takes human talent and more than years of patience to produce the perfect pearl. In pearl cultivation process using the technique we have developed,farmers take time and effort to grow mother oysters every day, just like their own children.These precious oysters are meticulously protected from every conceivable threat to ensure a finest resulting pearls. However,it is inevitable to fight against nature without the occurrence of red tides and typhoon every year.After the long process of breeding,grafting ,cleaning, grading, harvesting and crafting results a one of kind pearl .

Our motto is the sincerity to appreciate everything and take care of it and it’s really true “Pearl is a miracle gem.”

The origin of all life is nature.The blessings of nature have been brought to us by the continuous efforts of many people involved in the natural industry, including our pearl industry. 
We must protect our blessed nature otherwise it would harm us someday.




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