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Result Announcement

Result Announcement

We would like to thank  all entrants, all supporters, teachers from jewelry schools, local government, communities in Ise Shima, Embassy of Japan and all visitors for our exhibitions. Thank you so much for your cooperation.  We are greatly honored to have our event successfully and could announced awarded creations in the last day of exhibition in Embassy of Japan, Japan Creative Center in Singapore. 

Due to the global warming and the decline of number of local farmers, the Akoya pearl production has been decreasing rapidly and  80% of Akoya Oysters died because of the temperature change. And many people don’t know how to differentiate pearls or real value of pearls. Through this competition, we wish to share the beauty of akoya pearls and more people know about pearls and appreciate them more.

Due to COVID 19, we started 1 month late, from 10th July 2020 and had exhibition and voting in Ise Shima and also had on line voting until the end of October. After that, all creations were exhibited in Singapore from 3rd to 19th December. The total number of vote for 6 months including online voting is 1669. Out of this, the number of vote in Singapore is 200.

We were happy and excited to announce awarded creations by live streaming of Japan Creative Center Singapore. 

1st Place

Teresa Pavita 

Day and Night

278/1669 votes

Day and Night  Amaterasu splits away from her brother (Tsukuyomi) causing the separation of night and day. The two pearls represent two different worlds. The Yellow color represents day and the sun are Amaterasu. The White color represent night and the dangling stones are starts surrounding the moon.


2nd Place

Sarah Sophia

Shinning Lady

273/1669 votes

The inspirations of using female face comes when the Amaterasu Goddess came out from the cave and see her reflections on the mirror. While the flower is symbolizing chrysanthemum flower which is one of the sun symbols in Japan.



3rd Place

Lee Jar Wen

The Blessing of Amaterasu Omikami  

95/1669 Votes

The Blessing of Amaterasu Omikami was inspired by the combination of the Yata no Kagami, the sacred mirror with an octagonal shape that had appeared in the Sinto, and the Shimenawa, the Japanese sacred ropes that often found at Sinto Shrines. Amaterasu Omikami is the Shinto Sun goddess. The pendant necklace holds the meaning of bringing good fortune and against the evil sprit.
The Blessing of Amaterasu Omikami is delicately crafted in silver 999 and carefully polished to achieve a superior reflection of light.



4th Place

Jonathan Kwong


82/1669 Votes

It is a Ryujin Ring Chasing the 2 beautiful Akoya pearls. Having the Ryujin chase the pearls brings attentions and puts emphasis on the pearls itself. Enhancing the beauty and elegance of the 2 Akoya pearls.



5th Place

Miki Takahashi

Smile of Ocean 

81/1669 Votes

When we look at sea from horizontally and vertically, the view are different. The sounds and color of waves are also different. I’m thinking about the many faces of ocean and pray that the ocean can be calm and simile.  

Awarded items will be exhibited in Ise Shima Japan, our Ise gallery until the end of January 2021. Top 2 creations will be make for sales if any inquiry. Please contact us freely.

Now it’s difficult to visit Ise Shima but we are looking forward to seeing you soon post-covid19. 
Please take care and stay healthy. 


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