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Varieties of Necklace

Varieties of Necklace
Necklaces come in varying lengths and styles.

Each necklace type looks best when positioned on very specific points of your body. We just have go figure out which length will work best for jewelry layering, or which length will work best for jewelry layering.

Most important is that you choose the necklace you prefer.

Convertible necklace
A necklace and a bracelet are made with the same design and connect to form a single necklace. You can use it as a long necklace or coordinate it by using separately.
Double and triple strand necklaces
Double and triple strand necklaces with almost the same length and pearl size. The double and triple strand pearl necklace is a versatile jewelry piece.
Cocktail Necklace
Necklace finished by incorporating precious metal and other jewelry parts between the pearls.
It can also be applied to reform old necklaces.
Lace Necklace
Necklace made from laced baby pearls. It has a unique atmosphere with its gorgeousness and cuteness.
●Dog collar necklace
A wide type necklace that fits around your neck like a dog collar. It is generally said to be suitable for people with a long neck.



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