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The Result of The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2019

We are grateful for all the participants and voters of 2nd Jewellery Grandprix in Ise Shima.
It’s our pleasure to exhibit 51 unique creations from 10 different countries from June 10,2019 until November 30,2019.

Total number of votes is 2664 including online votes.
This year theme is Four Seasons of Japan, which is uniquely represented in each creations.

Thank you for sharing your talent. We’re glad to share the beauty of our hometown, Ise shima and connect Ise Shima to the world.
We will continuously make effort to protect the beautiful nature of Ise Shima and pass this skill and culture of Ise Shima pearl industry to the next generation.

Result Announcement

1st 287 votes
Title:Banay (Philippine languages Blossoming)  
Name:Andrea Nicole Chy


2nd 232 votes
Title:pearly rain
Name: Tomoko Tani
Country:Japan Tokyo


3rd 194 votes
Title:憧憬 Aspiration 
Name:Hiromi Takano
Country:Japan Yamanashi


4th 145 votes
Title:初夏、雨上がりの朝に煌めく雫達 Sunlite dew after rain in early summer 
Name:Itsu Yomon
Country:Japan Yamagata


5th 140 votes
Title:海に咲く花 Flowers in the oceans 
Name:Kunihiro Nakanishi
Country:Japan Mie

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