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Size of Pearl

Size of Pearl

 The size of the pearl is not an evaluation factor of quality. However, if other elements (Color, Luster, Nacre, Shape, Surface) are the same, large pearls will be high value.
☆The size of the pearl means in the diameter.

Akoya pearls typically in size from 4 to 10 mm. The most common sizes used in necklaces are 5-9mm.  8mm Akoya pearl, it is called Ohdama, and a size exceeding 9 mm or more is rare value and expensive.      


[Difference of impression by size in necklace (choker)]

Depending on the size of the pearls, the image changes, bringing about a variety of impressions from formal to casual.

7.0mm to 8.0mm: Standard size of necklace

5.0mm to 6.0mm: A little smaller size. For casual fashion.

4.0mm or less: called Baby Pearl. It also replaces the chain of the pendant.

8.0mm or more larger: For stylish use with a presence. 

Akoya pearls are sized in 0.5mm increments.
7.0mm to 9.0mm is standard. For formal occasions.
Pearls larger than 9.0 mm are also acceptable in terms of etiquette, but they give the impression of being quite large, so they may be suitable for joyous occasions but not for time of grief. 


[Image brought by size]

Large pearl … Gorgeous, Luxury
Small pearl… Classy, Tidy, Casual

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