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About Necklace Chain

About Necklace Chain

About Necklace Chain

The impression of accessories changes greatly depending on the type of chain.  For example, even with the same pendant top, you can enjoy different atmospheres in any number of ways by changing the chain.   To pay attention to the chain and knowing its charm, choosing accessories will be even more fun.

Azuki chain
 It has a structure in which round rings are connected one by one.
There are round and quadrangular rings, and the direction of the circle is front and sideways, which creates an appropriate feeling of pulling out, and the chain does not overstate.

Kihei chain
 The chain connects the rings, it is common with the Azuki chain, and since each ring has a 90 degree twist, the direction of the rings is all constant.  Due to its volume and density, it is suitable for designs with the chain itself as the leading role.

Venetian chain
A chain made of box-shaped metal fittings connected like an azuki chain, and each side is flat.  Therefore, it is characterized by strong light reflection.  The straight silhouette gives a stylish impression, and the density gives it a luxurious feel.

Herringbone chain
 It is a supple chain made by compressing a double knitted item.
It seems that it originated from the continuous pattern of mountains and valleys that resembles herring bones.

Snake chain
 As the name suggests, it is characterized by its suppleness reminiscent of a snake.  When viewed from a distance, it has a smooth texture like a string made of metal, and it is a chain that can be easily used in various designs.

Rope chain
By making the inside of the metal hollow, it could be made to have volume.  It is a design necklace chain

Ball Chain
A chain with a series of metal balls and the structure is connected by a latch.  The round shape gives a somewhat cute and feminine impression.  It is not as strong as other chains.

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