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20 June,Father’s Day

20 June,Father’s Day
"Father's Day" was born in the United States like "Mother's Day".

At the beginning of the 20th century, a petition for a daughter praising her father who raised six children with one man
It is said to be the origin / origin.
In 1972, it became a national holiday in the United States.

Pearls have a strong image of being worn by women,
Since it is a jewel created by a living organism called a shellfish, it has a lively and vibrant energy.
It has the power to heal the mind and body tired from stress.
It is a gift that can express gratitude to my father who is working hard for his family on a daily basis.

We also have products that are popular with men, so
Here are some examples of coordination using them.

A simple design with 8.75 mm of pearls and pearls on the collar of the suit
I put a black butterfly pearl bracelet of about 8 mm on my hand with a pin brooch with a strong presence.
How is it? It looks great on an adult man.

Other lucky motifs such as tack pins and horseshoes with various sports motifs
We recommend elephant tack pins.
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