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Pearl Blemish

Pearl Blemish

Pearls are born in the Nature; no pearls are perfect.
Most of the pearls have some blemish. It can be said blemishes act as additional evidence of a pearl’s authenticity.
During the process to farm peals, wrinkles, dents, and protrusion are formed on the surface and called “Blemish.” There are no criteria how to define Blemish.

There are four major points when evaluating Blemish. The value changes depending on the number, size and location of blemishes, whether the flaw is easy to identify, etc.

If less blemish and its size is smaller, the Blemish will not be identifiable easily.

These three elements are evaluated comprehensively but we can say no Blemish, small, medium, and large Blemish, but the criteria to define Blemish depends on each company, and there is no standard definition.


  • Natural Blemish…formed during cultivation process

It is caused by the nature, environmental factors such as the state of the inserted nucleus, the condition of the sea, and the effect of plankton.
It appears in various shapes such as bulges and dents on the surface of pearls.
Sometimes even the shape of the pearl is affected.

  • Blemish during processing after harvest

During Cleaning, Bleaching or Irradiation, it might cause Blemish on pearl’s surface.
These are sores or white spot on the surface or crack around the drilled hole. Those Blemish after harvest will deteriorate over years.


The value and value of pearls are greatly influenced by Blemish too.
But it has some blemish, but it can have a good luster. It has few Blemish, but it does not have a good luster.

 Blemish depend on the degree, and shows uniqueness of pearls that is created by nature,
As long as luster is good enough, Blemish would be not identifiable easily.

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