In Japan Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very unique style. It is the women who present gifts to men.
Every March 14 one month after, we celebrate White day in which men who received chocolates are
expected to return the favor by giving gifts to women

Mabe pearl pendant top

Mabe pearl

Drop shape mabe pearl with iridescent color is attractive
This pendant top is perfect for your different necklace and chain.

South sea pearl ring

South sea pearl 12.0mm
Diamond 0.05ct

The gloss of diamond adds glamour to this gorgeous ring.
It fits for your various occassions.

Akoya pearl pierce earrring

Akoya pearl 5.5mm
Diamond 0.01ct

Delicately made by our craftsmen,
the brilliant luster of akoya pearl is enticing.

Black pearl brooch

Black pearl 10.0mm

The distinct color of black pearl is outstanding.
A one point of fashion with this brooch that can be use in different ways,

Akoya pearl initial pendant

Akoya pear 4.0mm

Charming looks can also be simple.
These initial pendant fit for your everyday use.


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