The Story of a single Akoya pearl

In the crystal clear waters of Ise Shima

after the oysters that have been taken care of for many years by farmers

with love and attention

Akoya pearls are born

From a single Akoya pearl

You can express your love to your daughter or wife

Wish her happiness and good health

Every year you choose a single pearl

And over time

20 years

30 years later

It can become an heirloom for your family in the form of a priceless necklace

Spend time together

Grow together

As father and daughter


As husband and wife

Connect pearl one by one every year

With your love and life

Shall we start from today?

We have several customers who have come to our gallery and picked up a single of Akoya pearls every year.
It’s wonderful and warming to see love in its essence.

We will do our best to help your dream come true.

Even if, one pearl at a time.

By Pearl Falco